Push and pull workout

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Push and Pull workout: This workout plan for intermediate and advance level trainee for 12 Weeks. Make sure your body is good warm up before perform this workout Plan. Here, click on names for find how to warm up before workout, Cool Down and Static Stretching after workout.

Benefits of Doing Push and Pull Workout !

1. You can train your muscles more frequently in every week as compare to other training methods.
2. Doing Monday chest, Tuesday back, Wednesday shoulder, Thursday triceps, Friday biceps, Saturday legs and Sunday off. Yes, I know few of You start feeling bored but this Push/Pull workout can eliminate your boredom.

3. Push/Pull workout is good choice for people want to improve their strength and muscle hypertrophy.
4. With the help of Push/Pull workout you can recover faster.
5. There is less chance of injuries/Over-training with Push and pull workout due to performing 1-2 exercises of each particular muscle.
6. Improve your Macrocycles, Mesocycles and Microcycles by changing the repetition Range.

Day 1 Monday: Push Workout

Rest 1 Minute between Sets
Click on Any Exercise Name you can get the full guide video
1. Regular Grip Incline Barbell Bench Press
Sets 5 Reps 8
2. Wide Grip Decline Barbell Bench
Sets 4 Reps 12
3. Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press
Sets 3 Reps 8
4. Seated Arnold Dumbbell Press
Sets 3 Reps 8
5. Decline Barbell Skull Crushers
Sets 5 Reps 8

Day 2 Tuesday: Pull Workout

1. Wide Grip Pull Ups
Sets 3 Reps 12
2. Close Grip Front Lat Pull Down
Sets 3 Reps 8
3. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down Behind the Neck
Sets 3 Reps 10
4. Barbell Lying On Incline Bench Curl
Sets 3 Reps 12
5. Lying On Flat Bench Cable Curl
Sets 3 Reps 8
Upright Barbell Row
Sets 2 Reps 12

Day 3: Legs And Abs


1. Barbell Squat
Sets 4 Reps 5
2. Barbell Dead-lift
Sets 3 Reps 8
3. Seated Calf Raise Toes Pointed Straight Forward
Sets 3 Reps 10


1. Hanging Straight Leg Raises
Sets 3 Reps 15
2. X-Crunches
Sets 3 Reps 15
3. Elbow Side Plank with Leg Raise Or Elbow to knee Side Crunch
Sets 3 Reps 15
4. Weighted Long Arm Crunch ! Or Side Plank Hip Lift
Sets 3 Reps 15
5. Double Crunches !
Sets 3 Reps 15

Day 4:Repeat Day 1

Day 5:Repeat Day 2

Day 6:Repeat Day 3

Day 7 :Rest

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