What is the Importance of Beginner Workout Plan?

If you are reading this, It means you are about to start your fitness Journey and I Paramjit Singh, Congrats you for this. It is very crucial face, as Most of us get injured during workout, when we start as beginner, due to lack to proper knowledge about exercise postures and It would not be wrong if I say over Motivated or Excited.

I would like to share one Example here, One of mine client join the Gym and I designed his Workout and Diet Plan. AS he was beginner that time, when I took his fitness test and measure it, I found he has no strength on his lower back, may be due to his sitting job, and I advised him strictly don’t sprints on treadmill for now and don’t run more than 8KMPH on treadmill. One day he was training and one trainer spot him, he told the trainer I followed param sir workout plan and trainer said you have strength you can run fast. Gym trainer make him to run on 15KMPH on treadmill that day 1 Minute on 1 minute off.

Then Guess what happened!

He got terrible back pain and he was not able to train for next 3 months and 1 months he spend on bed. Now right now he goes gym regularly but he is always scared. I hope you will understand what I want you to explain here. You must know your strength, flexibility and proper technique before perform any exercise or workout. Always do warm up 10-15 minute before workout and then whole body mobility exercises for 5-10 minutes then that day muscle warm up with light weight and in the end of workout post workout stretching.

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Paramjit Singh