How does Parambodyfitmind Online Fitness Coaching work?

Online Fitness Services

Our online fitness coaching program is designed to provide you with a well-experienced and effective training experience. The monthly pricing for our services is set at USA $95/INR 6,999k. If you choose to commit to a 3-month plan, the pricing is $240/INR17,999k, and for a 6-month plan, it is $440/INR 32,999k. We are confident in the results our program can deliver, and we offer a full satisfaction.

It is important to understand that a single workout and diet plan cannot be effective for everyone. To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a fitness expert who can create a personalized workout plan tailored to your specific fitness goals, lifestyle, and dietary requirements. This involves taking into account factors such as your daily calorie intake, medical history, and desired fitness outcomes.

Additionally, Balancing your diet and workout is crucial for achieving good fitness results, and yet many trainers and individuals struggle with this aspect. Consequently, they often fail to see the desired outcomes. At our virtual fitness coaching service, we offer the finest assistance in weight and fat loss, muscle building, inch reduction, strength gain, achieving a lean physique, enhancing sports performance, improving flexibility, and promoting an active, positive, healthy, and strong lifestyle for both men and women.

Our Online Fitness  Coaching Package Includes:-

•Customized macro diet meal plans
•Customized workout plan with Exercise video demonstration guidance
•Workout and diet routine Updated Weekly According Progress
•Back strengthening exercises
•Program based on your fitness goals & body type etc.
•Gym workout
•Home workouts
•Affordable price
•Functional, strength & Flexibility training
•All plans customized according Client/Student needs
•Guaranteed results

1. Weekly/ Bi-weekly progress tracking and updating as per body results
2. 24/7 chat/call support (WhatsApp)
3. Internationally certified fitness coach
4. Natural body transformation

So How Does Parambodyfitmind Virtual Fitness Coaching Work?

To begin, I will commence by initiating the process with your membership plan. Simply click on the Sign-Up option, and subsequently, select your desired membership plan followed by clicking on Join Now. Once completed, you will be required to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire comprises a series of inquiries such as your height, weight, fitness objective, current daily diet, any existing medical conditions, a photograph of your current body shape, body measurements, and any food allergies you may have, among others.

These surveys assist me in gaining a deeper comprehension of how to create efficient workout and diet plans that are centered around video demonstrations. By incorporating video-based workout plans, you have the ability to click on the exercise name within your workout plan and access the corresponding demonstration video and written description located at the bottom of the exercise.

After joining, in case you have any uncertainties regarding your exercise posture or technique, you have the option to capture a video of that specific exercise and share it with me on WhatsApp for evaluation. Similarly, if I notice that a particular muscle of yours is not progressing during your body transformation, I may request you to record a video of that exercise and send it to me. This process will aid both of us in comprehending the accurate posture and movement.

How We Know you are doing exercises Properly?

Ensuring proper posture and technique while performing exercises is crucial for enhancing fitness and minimizing the risk of injuries. Rest assured, I am continuously dedicated to enhancing our online fitness coaching services.

Initially, we offer a workout plan that is centered around videos. This allows you to conveniently access any exercise by simply clicking on its name within your plan. Not only can you watch videos demonstrating these exercises, but you can also find written descriptions for the majority of them.

Additionally, I encourage my members to send me recorded videos of any exercises they are unsure about. This enables me to accurately assess any mistakes or errors in your technique. Lastly, I will provide you with a straightforward and highly efficient approach to automatically determine whether you are performing an exercise correctly or incorrectly.

As you are aware, my primary objective in the realm of fitness is to offer you comprehensive guidance and assist you in attaining your fitness aspirations, while also empowering you to become your own personal trainer.

It is impractical for everyone to continuously employ personal trainers indefinitely due to the need for breaks and the desire for flexibility to exercise at any time and place. In the realm of fitness, self-motivation plays a crucial role in achieving success. With my extensive 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, individuals who possess genuine commitment to their health and fitness can rely on my video demonstration-based workouts and personalized nutrition plans, which are more than sufficient.

What do we provide?

We offer personalized video-guided gym workouts, as well as home workouts tailored to your needs. Whether you have access to equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells, or prefer equipment-free exercises, we have options for you. Additionally, we provide nutrition plans in PDF format to support your fitness goals. Monitoring your progress on a weekly basis allows us to modify your training methods, exercises, and meal macros accordingly.

How do we track your progress?

I highly encourage my clients to provide me with their current photo upon becoming members, whether it includes their face or not. Additionally, we suggest taking full body measurements every 15-20 days. During our phone conversations, I always inquire about your progress as this is how we monitor your journey.

It would greatly benefit you to have a conversation with me prior to embarking on your fitness journey, especially if you are genuinely committed to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Our Training Skills!

We tailor fitness routines and dietary plans to suit individual requirements. Each workout is uniquely designed, incorporating a variety of training techniques such as Strength Weight Training, Cardiovascular exercises, Advanced German Volume training, Circuit training, Yoga, Pilates, Cross training, Tabata, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Continuous training, Fartlek, Plyometrics, Kettlebell workouts, Functional training, Suspension Training, and more.

How to join and About Pricing?

All of my fitness and nutrition plans are accompanied by a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. Upon selecting the Sign-Up option, you will be automatically directed to the corresponding page on my website. As you scroll down, you will come across various membership plans along with their respective pricing. Once you have made your decision, simply click on the Join Now button and proceed to add it to your cart.

Please ensure that you complete all the questionnaires provided. Once finished, you have the option to make payment through the Stripe payment gateway using your debit or credit card. If you prefer an alternative payment method, feel free to reach out to me via WhatsApp at +918146574532. I will gladly provide you with my bank details and other available payment options to initiate your health and fitness journey.

If you believe that you are seeking something other than guidance for online fitness coaching, I recommend engaging in a discussion with me to clarify your specific needs.

What Next?

Upon receipt of your payment and all necessary information, I will promptly provide you with your workout plan and meal plan in PDF format. Should you require further details, please feel free to schedule an appointment via WhatsApp at +918146574532.

Guarantee Results!

We assure you of achieving desired outcomes and contentment! Adhere strictly to our diet and exercise regimen, and we assure you of achieving desired outcomes and contentment. The outcomes may differ from person to person, considering the variations in metabolic rates, stress levels, dedication, motivation, medical history, injuries, inappropriate diet, previous history, body type, and so on.

Come and join us today for an authentic virtual body makeover. Select your preferred membership package by clicking on the “Sign-Up Today” button. For the most recent updates on our clients’ remarkable physical transformations, visit our Instagram page and explore the testimonials section on our website.

If you believe that your fitness coaching needs are unique and would like to discuss them further, please feel free to reach out to me via WhatsApp at +918146574532. I would be more than happy to assist you and schedule an appointment. Best regards, Paramjit Singh Your dedicated online personal trainer.