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Warm Welcome to “Parambodyfitmind”, world’s largest online health and fitness personal training team and fitness community. Parambodyfitmind is a Global Center of excellence for your fitness and nutrition needs. These days “Parambodyfitmind” is a Well known name in the fitness industry globally. Every day hundreds of people are joining and thousands have already joined and achieved their fitness goals, and numbers keep increasing. We provide customized solutions in the domain of fitness and nutrition

Our programs are based on my own experience of more than One Decade in tailoring the workouts and customized programs of individuals.


Train with right Way; Our Way; Personalized way!

It does not matter how many you-tuber you follow or hundreds of apps subscriptions you have, But still you need to discuss your progress and consult your issues with someone, someone expert in fitness on a daily basis.

About the Founder!

Paramjit Singh is the founder of “Parambodyfitmind” Parambodyfitmind.Com, an online fitness coaching and nutrition-related services platform. It’s a fast-growing fitness brand of international repute. Param “Nick Name” (B.P.ED) is a professional fitness expert and Elite Level Online Fitness Coach (CYQ certified) and Sports Nutrition Specialist (Skills Active) who has helped transform hundreds of clients through scientific training and nutrition programs also a blogger and athlete living in India.

He welcomes you all to his Digital Space – Parambodyfitmind! He believes that a healthy body rests a healthy mind and modern science backs us with evidence. He has spent years researching and analyzing nutrition and how diet affects the body. Unlike many other online trainers, he does not write meal plans for his clients, preferring instead to “educate them about calories and Marco breakdowns so they have the skills to create healthy meals for life.”

“Param” Qualification:

1. Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.)
2. Central YMCA Qualifications (C.Y.Q)
3. Active International Qualifications (Active IQ)


Param has More than 15 Years pretty good experience in fitness industry.

His Best Training Skills:

Personal Fitness Training, PBFM25 Workout, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Tabata, Plyometric, Balance, Functional, Cross Fit, Circuit, Weights, Flexibility, Kettle Bell, Suspension, Power Yoga, Indoor and Outdoor, Bosu Ball, Medicine Ball, Swiss Ball Training’s, Weight Management And Health Improvement counseling and training.

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