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Warm Welcome to “Parambodyfitmind”, world’s largest health and fitness personal training team. Parambodyfitmind is a Global Center of excellence for your fitness and nutrition needs. These days “Parambodyfitmind” is Well known name in fitness industry globally. Every day hundreds of people are joining and thousands have already joined and numbers are keep increasing. It works by giving you online  personalized services at the comfort of your home. Join today and take your fitness to next level.

Our programs are based on my own experience of more than One Decade in tailoring the workouts and customized programs of individuals.

Train with right Way;  Our Way;  Personalized way!

It does not matter how many you-tuber you follow or hundreds of apps subscriptions you have, But still you need to discuss your progress and consult your issues with some one, some one expert in fitness on daily basis.

About Me!

Paramjit Singh Know as “Parambodyfitmind” is an Elite Level fitness trainer and sports nutrition specialist who holds Bachelors in Physical Education Degree (B.P.Ed) and has earned many global level certifications over the past ten years. He has helped transformed lives of many individuals with different needs ranging from fat loss to muscle gain as well as dealing with special population groups such as those with chronic pain etc. I am a U.K Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Providing Cost effective and flexible Online nutrition and personal training Services Worldwide.

Param (short name)  holds the elite CYQ certification and has a sound understanding of human anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and safety in fitness environment, and planning and instructing gym-based exercises.

Online Personal Fitness Trainer - Parambodyfitmind

We welcome you all to My Digital Space – Parambodyfitmind! We, Believe that a healthy body rests a healthy mind and modern science backs us with evidence.

We  have spent years researching and analyzing nutrition and how diet affects the body. Unlike many other online trainers, We personally do not write meal plans for my clients, preferring instead to “educate them about calories and Marco breakdowns so they have the skills to create healthy meals for life.”

My Qualification:

1. Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.)
2. Central YMCA Qualifications (C.Y.Q)
3. Active International Qualifications (Active IQ)


We have More than 10 Year pretty good experience in Fitness Industry.

My Best Training Skills:

Personal Fitness Training, PBFM25 Workout, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Tabata, Plyometric, Balance, Functional, Cross Fit, Circuit, Weights, Flexibility, Kettle Bell, Suspension, Power Yoga, Indoor and Outdoor, Bosu Ball, Medicine Ball, Swiss Ball Training’s. Also I Provide Nutrition And Workout Plans For Both Men And Women For Weight Management And Health Improvement.

Key Result Areas:

1. Full Support Workout through my Website.
2. Diet Through E-Mail Or Whatsapp.
3. Any time Video or Voice Call Support According Indian time.
4. Guaranteed Results.

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Paramjit Singh