Ready to take your body next level Advance Gym Workouts

Ready to take your body next level with advance level workouts. It seem easy to follow advance level workout plan, Once in time, on request of my student, I put him on Pyramid training. But he was not follow after 3 days, his wording was his leg shaked after 10 min of workout and he felt like vomiting. So be careful, Evlauter your self with me before start advce level workouts.

here is below few Differetn type training, which you should know if you are advacne level trainee:

Most used cardiovascular training types:

1.Aerobic Interval Training.
2.Circuit Training.
3.High Intensity, Short Duration.
4.Low Intensity, Long Duration.
5.Fartlek Training.
6.Medium Intensity, Medium Duration.
7.Anaerobic Interval Training.

Most used Advanced Intensity Building Training Types:

1.Drop Sets.
2.Giant Sets.
3.Forced Reps.
4.Pre-Exhaust Training.
5.Pyramid training
7.Cheat Reps.
8.Variation Triple Drop Sets.
9.German Volume Training.
10.Tempo Training.
11.Circuit Training.
12.Isolation/Compound Super-setting.
13.Jump Sets.
14.Go Failure.
15.Fast Twitch/Slow Twitch.
17.Speedy Reps.