/Body Weight Exercises

Why You Need Proper Warm-Up Before Workout?

Warm-Up Very crucial for every athlete in every game. It is not only save us form Injuries but also prepare our body for good effective workout. There is so many ways to warm up you body like, You can choose body weight exercise and combine them together with some cardiovascular, mobility and stretching exercises, and you can design very good warm-up. Gently 10-15 minute warm up is enough before your workout, but all depend on weather, more cooler weather is more time your body require to warm-up before workout. I have design very effective and good warm-up video for you.

Why Post Workout Stretching is very Important?

Like warm-up post workout stretching also are very important after workout. There is Mainly two type Stretching in workout:
1.Dynamic Stretching
2.Static Stretching
Dynamic stretching, we use only in warm up as in dynamic stretching, we don’t pause any stretch for long, we do as repetition. But static stretching are opposite static stretching we use in cool down and these stretching save us from DOMS, in simple words, our muscle get pumped and tight when we workout, but after intense workout we need to loosen up then again, so we can get less soreness next day on those muscle. Static stretching is holding a stretch without movement. You should hold every trained muscle stretch for 20 second in the end of your workout.

Why we need cool down after workout?

Same like warm-up and post workout stretching, you body need to cool down after workout, as when we have good workout session, our body temperature increases and we have to let it decrease slowly slowly, as some time gym weather and outside weather is different. For example mostly in winter, if suddenly after workout, we go outside, our body temperature suddenly dropped, which could lead to further body sickness. to avoid that better to cool down and bring back your body temperature to normal after workout.