Don’t know How to do Body Weight Cool Down Exercises After Workout? I Strongly Advise to do Sun Salutation after Workout as your Cool Down. Must Perform in slow tempo by holding every pose for 20 sec. Minimum.

Best Way to Cool down After Workout, Remember Hold Every Pose For Minimum 20 Seconds. Repeat the Circle around 1-2 times as Cool Down, And Yes you can do Sun salutation as your Warm-up as well before workout. But if you want to do Sun Salutation as your warm-Up then Must Repeat the Circle for 4-10 times Minimum, Depend on your fitness Level.

Why Cool Down Exercises Are Important after Workout?

Same like warm-up and post workout stretching, you body need to cool down after workout, as when we have good workout session, our body temperature increases and we have to let it decrease slowly slowly, as some time gym weather and outside weather is different. For example mostly in winter, if suddenly after workout, we go outside, our body temperature suddenly dropped, which could lead to further body sickness. to avoid that better to cool down and bring back your body temperature to normal after workout.

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