After Workout Stretching Exercises: These are those types of Stretching in which Normally we Perform after Workout to Avoid Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Delayed onset muscle soreness happens after 48-72 hours of our training session. But we can minimize it with Full Body Muscle Static Stretching. In this Video guide You Can Learn whole body Muscle static stretching.

Why After Workout Stretching Exercises are Important?

Like warm-up, full body muscle static stretching are also very important after workout. There is Mainly two type Stretching in workout:
1.Dynamic Stretching
2.Static Stretching
Dynamic stretching, we use only in warm up as in dynamic stretching, we don’t pause any stretch for long, we do as repetition. But static stretching are opposite static stretching we use in cool down and these stretching save us from DOMS, in simple words, our muscle get pumped and tight when we workout, but after intense workout we need to loosen up then again, so we can get less soreness next day on those muscle. Static stretching is holding a stretch without movement. You should hold every trained muscle stretch for 20 second in the end of your workout.

More Information About Static Stretching !

In simple words to avoid soreness which happened after 48-72 hours after your workout. You must learn about these Full Body Muscle Static Stretching and When you trained your these muscles then you must Perform these static and hold about 45 seconds to 1 Minute to every stretch for One time only of one particular muscles.

For Example I have Trained today Chest and back and Hamstring then I must Hold for Chest,Back and Hamstring static stretch according video for 45 Sec to 1 Minute. But yes you also can stretch your biceps, triceps and shoulders as these were your assisted muscles during chest back and hamstring workout, Remember there is so many other variations of one static stretch of one particular muscles. You also can perform these static stretching in between your workouts as well, for reduce the Over-Pump on muscles as some time our muscle get Extra-pumped and we are not able to train Properly or train heavy afterward then these static stretching helps.

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