Howdy friends! this is special workout for a day targeting whole body with balance and flexibility exercises. It is best for those people who are into sitting job and looking to improve their posture, strengthening their back, improving their cardiovascular system, strength, endurance and many more benefits.


This workout plan for intermediate and advance level trainee for 12 Weeks. Make sure your body is good warm up before perform this workout Plan. Here, click on names for find how to warm up before workout, Cool Down after workout video guide.

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Whole Body Workout – Level Intermediate

7 Exercises:
Click on Any Exercise Name you can get the full guide video
1. Dumbbell Floor Chest Press
1. Spartan Push-Ups
Sets:3 Reps:12 Rest:1 minute
2. Opposite heel tap Jump
2. Burpee With Push Up
Sets:3 Reps:12 Rest:1 Minute
3. X-Crunches
3. Double Crunches !
Sets:3 Reps:12 Rest:30 Seconds
4. 5 Minute Power Yoga

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