X-Crunches: X-Crunches is best exercise for all level trainee but learn it properly. I love this exercise because I can target mine upper as well as lower abs and obliques too with one exercise.

How to do X–Crunches Properly?

Step 1. Start With Lie down on mat and spread your legs and arms in X Position.
Step 2. Now Breathe out and lift your arms, Shoulder blades and legs up at a time. Close them in the middle.
Step 3. Now Breathe in and Slowly get back to starting position but keep your feet, hands, neck, shoulder blades off the floor.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set Of X-Crunches Exercise.

Important Key Points:

Make sure you do this exercise properly as most of us, I have seen do it wrong way and in the send they say we have not felt much while performing this exercise.

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