Scissors exercise is a best exercise for your whole abdominal. You can strengthen your entire core with this one exercise. when you do Scissors exercise you can feel stretch on your hamstring, quadricepses, lower back and little pressure on your neck too. You must learn how to do Scissors exercise properly before adding it in your abdominal workout.

How to do scissors abdominal exercise properly?


Step 1. Lie face up on the mat. You can hold the mat for support.
Step 2. Slowly lift you head and shoulders blade up. Lift your both legs up together around 45 degree angel.
Step 3. Now Lower your one leg down but keep it few inches up from the floor. Now again lift this one leg up and bring other one down.
Step 4. Give slight cross when lift your leg up and down same as scissors works.
Step 5. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Key Points:

Always perform this exercise with control and keep full contraction on your abdominal muscle and try to breathe normal. But never hold your breathe.

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