Regular Grip Incline Barbell Bench Press is Best exercise for give upper chest great look. Most of us only like to start with flat bench barbell press because we can lift heavy here or may be our body feel comfortable to do so. But to give full proper deep upper cut and give proper shape to chest we have to start with incline bench press as well.

How to do Regular Grip Incline Barbell Bench Press Properly?

Step 1. Position your body on an incline bench at a 30-45-degree angle. Grab a barbell with an underhand grip, for regular grip incline barbell bench press, we use wrist and elbow one alignment; hold the bar above your chest.
Step 2. Breathe in and lower the barbell down slowly exactly on your upper chest, above from middle chest.
Step 3. Hold for 2 second for good Contraction and Breathe out, lift the bar up.
Step 4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions for completes the set.

Important Key Points:

Must Learn the Grip width

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