low cable cross over is a isolation exercise movement for chest muscles. You can target your incline(Upper) and outer Pec muscle fiber with this exercise, always try to perform this exercise some time in the end of your workout and some time in beginning of your chest workout for get the maximum benefits.

How to do Low Cable Cross Over Chest exercise Properly?


Step 1. Start with adjusting the weights according your fitness level, Set the handles at both ends of the pulleys at the lowest level, now hold the handles with your hands, facing opposite the cable machine, step forward, one foot in front of the other for balance.
Step 2. Slowly breathe out and lifts the handles toward your middle chest, keep slightly bend in your elbows.
Step 3. Pause here for 1-2 seconds for contraction.
Step 3. Now breathe in and lower the handles down with control but keep maintain the tension on the chest muscle.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Key Points:

Always keep look straight lean bit forward and keep maintain the contraction on your chest muscle.

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