Looking for best isolation exercise of chest muscle, Pec Deck chest fly is should be your best choice. No matter how tired your body is still you can perform these isolation exercises better.

How to do Pec Deck Chest Fly Properly?


Step 1. Select the weights According Your fitness Level.
Step 2. Sit on the platform. Press your back firmly against the back of the platform with your feet flat on the floor.
Step 3. Grab one handle of the machine with each hand. keep your hand in alignment of your middle chest.
Step 4. Gripping the pec deck handles, Breathe out and pull your arms toward your body while contracting your pectoral muscles. Bring the handles or arm pads in front of your chest, hold the position for a couple of seconds,
Step 5. And then slowly Breathe in and release back to starting position.
Step 6. Repeat the desired number of reps.

Important Key Points:

Understanding the proper technique can help you to avoid muscle injuries.knowing proper breathing techniques to ensure your muscles receive enough oxygen for recover fast and improvement.

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