Alternate Standing Hammer Curl is an isolation exercise to target your biceps brachioradialis. But it does also every effective exercise for biceps brachii and brachialis. Means it does work on your overall biceps muscles, wrist and forearms too.

How to Do Alternate Standing Hammer Curl Exercise Properly?

Step 1. stand up and grab a pair of dumbbells while rotating your hands inward so that the palms of your hands are parallel to each other.
Step 2. Keep both biceps fully stretched all time, now slowly breathe out curl one dumbbell up, slightly lift your elbow up, bring the dumbbell on shoulder level, squeeze here for good contraction, pause for sec.
Step 3. Breathe in and go back to starting position slowly.
Step 4. start the same with other arm.. This equals one repetition.
Step 5. repeat the same for complete the set.

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