Barbell Deadlift: There is not doubt most of us get injured our Lower back by performing  it wrongly.You must have intermediate to advance level fitness if you are willing to lift heavy deadlift means before starting strength training with this exercise must learn the proper form and increase your fitness level.

Must Learn it Properly!

We all know Barbell Deadlift is best Compound exercise for overall Body Growth, But Most of Us Still Perform with wrong way after watching million of you-tube videos. So Correct You form first Properly ask your Gym Trainer, I am Doing Right or Wrong after learning from YouTube or other sources. There is not doubt most of us get injured our Lower back by performing wrong dead-lift technique.

How to do it Barbell Deadlift Properly?


Step 1. Start with Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart and both foot under the barbell.
Step 2. Now slowly Bend over and grab the bar with hands shoulder-width apart grip.
Step 3. Slowly Bend your knees until your shins touch the barbell.
Step 4. Nice and easy now lift your chest up, abdominal tight, push your hips backward and straighten your lower back.
Step 5. Breathe out and lift the barbell all the way up – keep looking straight in your eyes.
Step 6. Pause to top and now breathe in and again slowly bring back the plates down.
Step 7. Repeat the same for complete the set.

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