Dumbbell Floor Straight Arm pullover is a effective exercise to target your latissimus dorsi muscle (lats). It also does work on your chest muscle as well, but we are trying to target mainly here lats muscle through full range of motion. The pullover exercise is very good for your upper body strength.

How to do Dumbbell Floor Straight Arm Pullover Exercise Properly?


Step 1. Start with Holding a Two-dumbbell according your fitness level, lay with your back flat on the floor. palms facing toward ceiling.
Step 2. breathe in and slowly lower your dumbbells overhead, keep your arms straight but elbows slightly bend, lower dumbbell all the way down as far possible, pause at the end.
Step 3. Slowly bring your arms back to above your chest and touch your knees with dumbbells and breathe out here.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set.

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