The upright barbell row is best exercise, if you are looking for really serious improvement in your trapezius muscle. But be careful on your wrist and it is advisable to use wrist band and proper technique when perform this upright barbell row exercise.

How to Perform Upright Barbell Row Properly?

Step 1. Grasp the bar with slightly close than shoulder with apart palm facing down grip.
Step 2. Pick the barbell up and lift the bar up straight nearly to your chin, keep bar close to your body, Breath out here
Step 3. Keep you’re back straight and abdominal tight all the time
Step 4. Breath in and lower the barbell down to starting position.
Step 5. Repeat the same for complete the repetitions.

Important Note:

Always keep your elbows above the level of your forearms, While performing this exercise.

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