Incline Bench Front Barbell Raise is isolation exercise to target your front deltoids. This exercise can result in an increase in your shoulder muscular size and strength. This Exercise helps to develop your anterior (frontal) shoulder muscles bigger, stronger and separated.

How to do Incline Bench Front Barbell Raise Exercise Properly?

Step 1. Start with incline bench 45 Degree angle
Step 2. Grasp the barbell, Lie your back on Incline bench.
Step 3. Keep slightly bends in your elbows, now breathe out and raise barbell up.
Step 4. Hold on top for contraction, breathe in and return back to staring position again.
Step 5. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Alternative Exercises:

1. Standing Front Two-Dumbbell Raise
2. Front Cable Raise
3. Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise
4. Front plate Raise

Important Key Points:

Understanding your body is main key point of every exercise. Because only you can feel your muscle while performing any exercise. Perform this exercise slow with controlled movements.

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