Stiff Leg Hamstring Dead Lift with Dumbbell is best exercise for target your back thigh muscles (Hamstrings). This exercise is good for beginners for learning proper about bend over technique before perform heavy hamstring dead lifts.

How to Perform Stiff leg hamstring Dead lift with Dumbbell Properly?

Step 1. Stand with shoulder width apart. Lift the dumbbell up with dead-lift technique. Hold the dumbbells to sides.
Step 2. Keep your knee slightly bend and With knees bend, lower dumbbells down toward the floor. Bend waist and push your hip back, as dumbbell approaches feet, Breathe out here.
Step 3. Now Breathe in and Lift dumbbells by extending hips and waist until standing upright, Still keep the knee slightly bend and Pull shoulders back slightly if rounded.
Step 4. Repeat the same for Complete the set.

Important Note:

Begin with very light weight and add additional weight gradually to allow lower back adequate adaptation.

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