standing cable hip adduction exercise is a effective exercise to target your thigh adductor muscles. There are five muscles in this group; gracilis, obturator externus, adductor brevis, adductor longus and adductor magnus.

How to do Standing Cable Hip Adduction Exercise Properly?

Step 1. Starting with Stand straight in front of low pulley facing to one side. Attach the ankle cuff to the cable and also to the ankle of the leg that is next to the pulley
Step 2. Step out away from stack with wide stance and hold machine pole for balance.
Step 3. Breath out & Move the leg with the ankle cuff in front of your far leg by utilizing your inner thighs to abduct your hip.
Step 4. Pause For Contraction, Breath in and move back to starting position again.
Step 5. Repeat the same for both sides for complete the set.

Important Key Points:

Try to keep your chest up all the time and look straight.

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