Barbell Front Squat is exercise helps you to build strong quadriceps and lower back muscles. Must perform this exercise with right posture and full control.

How to do Barbell front squat Exercise Properly?

Step 1. Adjust the barbell height according your height.
Step 2. Bring your arms up under the bar while keeping the elbows high and the upper arm slightly above parallel to the floor. Rest the bar on top of the deltoids and cross your arms while grasping the bar for total control.
Step 3. Lift the bar off the rack by first pushing with your legs and at the same time straightening your torso. Step away from the rack, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
Step 4. Breathe in and sit down, while keeping your chest up and stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor, remember your knees should not cross your toes.
Step 5. Pause for contraction, now breathe out and lift the barbell up
Step 6. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Front Squats or Back Squats:

It is very common question asked by people to me about front squat vs back squat, which is better and what is difference. First let understand the muscle worked with both squats – Front Squats main muscles targets are quadriceps, upper back and lower back, while Back Squats main muscles targets hips, glutes and lower back and quadriceps.

why front squat?

Mostly we fitness expert recommend front Squat when athlete want to target more of his quadriceps and he is not very comfortable with back squat, because back squat put more pressure on lower back. so targeting more quadriceps front thing muscles and reduce the involvement of lower back, you can try front squat instead back squat. But remember here you will not able to lift heavy when perform front squats as compare to back squats.

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