Wall Push Ups are an excellent alternative for beginners who want to build strength to get to a more advanced level. Wall Push-Ups help to build strength of your upper body without hurting your spine.

How to do Wall Push Ups Properly?

Step 1. Stand in front of a wall and hands slightly shoulder width apart in the alignment of middle chest.
Step 2. Keep your feet slightly apart, Back your feet a couple feet away from the wall and Inhale before beginning the exercise. When go down hold for 2 second for good contraction.
Step 3. Exhale as you push off the wall until your arms are in an outstretched position with elbows slightly bent.
Step 4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions for completes the set.

Important Note:

It is good exercise for beginner and People suffering with back pain and want to start their fitness journey.

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