Doing Bent knee push ups is great exercise for beginners to build upper body shape and strength. These push ups work fine to shape your upper body muscles like chest, shoulders and triceps. But our main target muscle here is chest with this exercise.

How to do bent knee push ups exercise properly?

Step 1. Start with table position, hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms underneath your middle chest.
Step 2. Now slowly breathe in and bring your chest down in the middle of your hands, hold here for contraction, keep 1-2 inch gab between chest and mat or floor.
Step 3. Slowly breathe out and go back to starting position.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Note:

when you lift your chest up from the floor, always keep your hands and chest in on alignment, as most people I have seen they lift in the alignment of head and hands, which is totally wrong.

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