Beginners jumping jacks is great exercise for beginners to build good stamina and strength before doing proper jumping jacks. Only difference between beginners and full jumping jacks is pause, after every completion of jump. Jumping jacks is good exercise to raise your heart rate, improving strength in you legs and overall body endurance and agility.

How to do Beginners jumping jacks exercise Properly?

Step 1. Start with standing straight, feet together, knee slightly bend and arms to your sides. It is your starting position.
Step 2. Breathe out and jump up, push your feet in jump wider than your hip width, and clap with your arms above your head.
Step 3. Breathe in Slowly come back to starting position again and pause for 2-3 seconds.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Note:

Look straight and keep your abdominal tight all the time.

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