Every day people ask me about Why Cardio After Weights is important for building muscle and losing fats and how many minutes shoulder I do cardio after workout. Answers is very simple, we workout for build outer body look nice and what about our internal organs inner beauty. We must focus on inner beauty as well. So we must do cardio as must we do workout to make our brain, heart, lungs, liver, bladder and kidneys etc.

Cardio After Workout or Before Workout:

I always love to do cardio after workout, for 2 main reasons, one is My body still product energy after pushing hard on workout session. But if I do cardio first then I am not able to concentrate more on my weights workout. Second reason is lean game, yes you heard it right these days we all want to to look lean fit with carrying a minimum fats ration. So this after workout cardio can help us to stay lean.

Slow Cardio vs Fast Cardio:

I am huge fan of HIIT (High intensity interval training) But as I recommend cardio after workout so it is not possible for every day after workout do HIIT Cardio. So better 1-2 days do Sprints like one minute slow 1 minute fast and other 3-4 days do slow like jogging type cardio.

Cardio Time For Weight Loss:

If you goal is weight loss and want to do cardio for weight loss then better start with slow cardio after workout for 4-5 day on jogging type speed around 6-7 KMPH on treadmill or park for 30-45 minutes after workout. Why slow, I have seen most overweight people do cardio on speed for long every day or 5-6 days in week still they start feeling in their knees after few week due to overweight and their joints are not strong enough to carry that weight with HIIT cardio. So better stick with slow constant cardio.

Cardio Time Per Day:

As I recommend do cardio after workout 4-5 times a week is more than enough for 15-45 minutes. Cardio time depend on your fitness goals like weight loss, fat loss or simply health improvement.

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