Weighted Hanging Leg Raises is Best Abdominal Exercise for Intermediate to Advance level trainee. When Perform is properly, It can help us to target your Front abs (rectus abdominis), Specially Lower abs and frontal oblique. You must have strong lower back.

How to do Weighted Hanging Leg Raises Properly?

Step 1. Place an ankle weight on each of your ankles or squeeze a dumbbell in between your feet. Grab a chin up bar with an overhand grip and let your legs dangle. This is your starting position.
Step 2. slowly breathe out and Bend your knees and bring your legs and weight up towards stomach.
Hold here for contraction
Do not allow your body to swing back and forth when performing this exercise
Step 3. Now slowly breathe in and go back to starting position again.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set

Important Key Points:

Must have strong back and intermediate to advance level fitness.

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