Seated Flat Bench Leg Pull-In is best exercise for abdominal. With the help of this one exercise we can target upper and lower front abs together.

How to do Seated Flat Bench Leg Pull-In Properly?

Step 1. Lie on an exercise mat or a flat bench with your legs off the end. Place your hands either under your glutes with your palms down or by the sides holding on to the bench (or with palms down by the side on an exercise mat). Also extend your legs straight out.
Step 2. Bend your knees and pull your upper thighs into your midsection as you breathe out. Continue this movement until your knees are near your chest. Hold the contracted position for a second.
Step 3. As you breathe in, slowly return to the starting position.
Step 4. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Key Points:

You must have intermediate to advance level fitness.

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