Since Lunges Body Weight Alternating are a body-weight exercise, you can do them anywhere, making them ideal for trips or small areas. The muscles used in the lunge are the same as those utilized in the squat, but the lunge provides greater range of motion, allowing more substantial The gluteal muscles and hamstring development.

How to do Lunges body weight alternating Properly?

Step 1. Stand tall, place your hands on your tempo, Step forward with your right foot and slowly lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees, Inhale as you lunge down.
Step 2. while your rear knee is just off the floor. Keep your torso upright the entire time. Then push off your right foot off the floor and return to the starting position, Exhale here.
Step 3. Repeat the same with other foot; keep repeating for the recommended amount of repetitions for completes the set.

Important Note:

Make sure your knees should not cross your toes as learning right technique will save you from injuries.

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