Bend knee windshield wiper is a best exercise for your obliques and also you target your groin, lower back, hip flexors.

How to do bend knee windshield wiper exercise properly?


Step 1. Lay down with your back on the mat, keep your arms straight out to your side.
Step 2. Raise your legs 90 degrees and then fold it as shown in video. It is your starting position.
Step 3. Now breathe out rotate your knees down to the one side, same time look to the other side.
Step 4. When rotate keep your knees off the floor about 2-3 inches. Hold here for contraction.
Step 5. Now breathe in and go back to starting position again.
Step 6. Now repeat the same for other side.
Step 7. Repeat the same for complete the set.

Important Key Points:

Must perform this exercise if you have intermediate to advance level fitness.

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