Machine Shoulder Press is a compound exercise which works well on your shoulders, triceps and upper trapezius. Yes your heard it right! you can target your shoulders, triceps and upper trapezius muscles with this one exercise but always remember our main prime muscle target is shoulders.

How to do Machine Shoulder Press Exercise Properly?

Step 1. Start with adjust the weight according your fitness level and seat height.
Step 2. Now sit on machine and remember, machine shoulder press handles should be slight above your shoulders height.
Step 3. Grab the handles with a neutral grip and hands in the alignment of your elbows.
Step 4. Slowly breathe out and lift the handles above your head, try to go as far as possible but keep slightly bend in your elbows.
Step 5. Pause on top for contraction and now breathe in and slowly lower the handles back down.
Step 6. Repeat the same for complete the set.

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