The standing dumbbell upright row is a great exercise for trapezius, front and rear deltoid muscle. It is one of mine favorite exercise for building stronger traps and for Reduce Cervical Pain.

How to Perform Dumbbell Upright Row Properly?

Step 1. Grasp the Dumbbell with slightly close than shoulder with apart palm facing down grip.
Step 2. Slowly lift the Dumbbell up, straight nearly to your chin, keep both dumbbell close to your body, Breath out here.
Step 3. Keep you’re back straight and abdominal tight all the time
Step 4. Breath in and lower the dumbbell down to starting position.
Step 5. Repeat the same for complete the repetitions.

Important Note:

Try to focus on the elbows means lift your elbows up and keep dumbbells close to your body.

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