Cable Bent Over Triceps Extension With Rope Attachment is best Exercise for Triceps Overall Improvement. Most of People Found Easy to doing with feeling maximum contraction on triceps muscle as compare to doing other triceps exercises.

How to do Cable Bent Over Triceps Extension Exercise Properly?

Step 1. Adjust the weight according your fitness Level. Stand straight feet shoulder width apart. Now you can grasp the rope then you can turn around or you can stand as rope is handing behind your body all up to you.
Step 2. Now Grasp rope attachment from medium high pulley. Pull it forward Bend over downward with rope attachment positioned behind neck gripped at each side. Lunge forward with one leg. Allow elbows to be pulled back under cable resistance.
Step 3. Now Breathe out and Extend forearms forward until elbows are straight. Pause here for good contraction.
Step 4. Now Slowly Breathe in and Allow cable bar to return back over neck.
Step 5. Repeat the same for Complete the set.

Important Note:

Perform this Exercise With Slow and and Full Control.

Alternative Exercises:

1. Cable Standing Triceps Extension
2. Double rope triceps extension
3. Wide/Close Grip Triceps Dips
4. Cable Triceps Kickback

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