Gurjant Singh

May 9, 2019

Hi,this is mine 2 year body transformation from 18 year old to 20 years old, when i was 18 year old my weight was 39 kg and right now, it is 63  kg pretty good muscle mass only, i love gain. All thanks to my brother param bro. Regards Gurjant Singh
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Nimesh Gulati

May 6, 2019

Hello, Only you can change you life, No one can do it for you. But with right guidance and experience my coach param help me a lot to change my look. as when i start training with sir i was 83 kg and there was so many on and off due to my study currently i am 71 and now i have abs all thanks to param sir.
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May 1, 2019

Hi, As I have transformed my self and I feel very happy about it. But most of us want to use supplements only but don't like to workout means hard workout in gym. please guys workout hard and smart. Yes i am talking smart workout as well and for that you need right guidance I really highly recommend Param Sir. I am glad I have coach like you, Thanks Param Sir.
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April 21, 2019

I lost 15 kg in only in 16 weeks. These days most of us want to loss Weight or build muscle in 1 day or 1 month but it is not possible mine friend. it takes time if this is gonna that much easy then in this word every body will be fit with abs and very few people u can find in hospitals. but we have to learn how to live healthy with right nutrient. Don't cut the calories to low bcs it bring so many side effects in later life. always follow right diet and right workout under right coach ..thanks
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getting ripped

Getting Ripped

April 20, 2019

Param is best online personal trainer, Sorry due to some Ego issue i am not able to post my picture with face - Rohit
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April 11, 2019

Hi, This is my testimonial to my online coach Param Sir, and My local gym owner Raj Amrit. This was really amazing lean body transformation is such short of time. Regards Rahul.
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April 10, 2019

Hi, this is my Body Transformation From 52 kg weight to 75 kg Lean Look. As I work very hard for it, but work hard it not enough, if you don't have right guidance. I saw people want to save money on personal training because they think it is expensive but they spend months and some time years without any improvement. They don't think how much time they are spending each day, membership, diet and supplement etc cost. Anyway my main motive was to tell you guys right guidance is every important you should have you right coach whom you can trust, who can observe you and guide you accordingly. thanks param sir
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April 10, 2019

Hi thanks buddy for helping me achieve this ripped look that I always wanted thanks I really appreciate brother what u r doing and giving people happiness. Regards. Jot sam
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April 8, 2019

Hi this is my crazy 4 weeks body transformation. i was already doing workout but was not getting gd result what i always want it, So one of my job friend told me about param and i met him told him my goal and time i want to achieve then he said give me Ur 4 weeks and i can help u to achieve Ur target. He also trained with me and as u can see my body transformation difference in my picture. I am really very happy form his training thanks a lot param sir Regard, Abhisek
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April 7, 2019

I lost 21 kg in matter of 3 months only. when i stated training and diet, design by parambodyfitmind team, Special thanks to kamal sir , who as physically present at the time of training, i was 95 kg and with in 3 months i lost 21 kg, right now i am 74. Thanks to parambodyfitmind Team. Regards, Naman.
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