Dear Param Sir,
This is my testimonial to Param Sir, When i Started My weight Loss Journey I was 88.9 Kg and i was not able to walk because of my Lumber Spine Issue, Doctor Told me complete rest and put me on medicine. But i felt i was not recovering from my back pain even it was getting worse day by day. I already know param sir, He told me already, medicine and bed rest is not solution of back issue JP.You have to do gym and back strengthening exercises and make your diet right . Then one day i understood what pajji saying and start workout, Now it been around 6 month now i have 80 % back problem solved and now i can do squat and bend over row exercises as well. Now My Weight Is 73kg I have improved a lot means a lot All credit to param Sir. Still i am working out as pajji guide me, you will see my second body transformation with 6 packs abs well.
Thank you,
Jaspreet Singh JP