Home Cardio Routine For Fat and Weight Loss

You can follow this home cardio routine for fat and weight loss at home as per parambodyfitmind instructions and according your fitness goal diet and workout plan. Body weight cardio at home! Yes, you have heard it right, we can do cardio at home as well without any cardiovascular equipment like a treadmill or cross-trainer. According to my personal experience if we do it properly then we can get more benefits from body weight cardio as compare with on-machine cardio.

How to do body weight cardio at home?

Doing cardio at home process is very simple and effective. You can add any 2-4 body weight standing cardio type exercise in this workout like stairs, jumping jacks, high knees, boxing shuffle, pretending to skip or skipping, jogging on spot and burpees, etc. Exercises all depend on your current fitness and injuries. Here is an example below of body weight cardio at home:


1. Jumping jacks with toe touch
2. High Knees

So above you have 2 exercises, what you can do here is do the First exercise for 2 minutes continuously then without break start doing the second exercise for 2 minutes then take a 1-minute break and repeat the same for 3-5 times. Enjoy!

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