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Welcome to the Parambodyfitmind 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP PLAN ! Our online 1 month membership plan for men & Women aims to help you achieve your fitness goals besides a visible body transformation. Yes, you heard it right – what we see is true and we help you achieve a true visible body transformation. Click here to know how our online fitness coaching works.


Parambodyfitmind is your one stop shop for customized fitness and nutrition counseling, which helps you achieve a fit body and mind. Our expertise focuses on helping you achieve your real time goals – healthy disease-free life, a long blissful life, and avoiding expense on medical care!

We are “Parambodyfitmind” have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and have witnessed More than thousands of body transformations so far, visit our customer testimonial page click here. or you can visit our or better visit our Instagram profile click here to get motivation, read our client testimonials and see their body transformations.

Our training curriculum involves a personalized interaction to assess your fitness level and your goals. I call it personalized as I believe that one diet does not fit all. The diet and workout plan has to be customized to your individual needs. I have weekly touch base via phone or Whats-app to track progress and share new diet and workout plan based on the progress made.

We share the diet and workout plan via a link through my website, which is just a click away Or Whats-app! Why I Prefer Whats-app, because it is easy for me to track your progress. I track progress every 1-2 Weeks and change diet Macros and Workout routine Accordingly. 

Please note we do not deviate from our standard procedures based on what type of program you enrolled for (offer, discount, standard). We believe in honesty and aim to deliver personalized plans in trust and faith.

You can Contact Me For More Information.



21 reviews for 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP PLAN

  1. Sakkhi

    param sir is just so good when it comes to personal online training..with his guidance I have lost 15 kg..in 5 months and get my body in good shape During the lockdown period.. He always kept me motivated through out this journey. And I personally found himthe best online personal trainer and nutrition expert

  2. Rinkee mahajan

    very good experience with param i did achieve my goal lost around 21kg in 4 months and got my dreamed full body toning goal achieved.

  3. baljit

    Param is the most dedicated trainer and nutritionist I have trained with to date. He is very disciplined and highly knowledgeable. My goal was fat loss and full-body toning and param sir macros based diet plans work well for me and I lost around 12% body fat in 3 months my body fat was 30% when I started taking nutrition and training plan from param sir today my body fat is 12% all thanks to my online nutritionist and fitness trainer param.

  4. Ramanpreet Kaur

    Param provides the best face to face live sessions to his clients and he does his job with accountability and full dedication. I honestly recommend “Parambodyfitmind” to everyone, who is serious about his fitness goals and health.

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.

  5. Kumkum Shivani

    Hello, my goal was to gain 10 kgs… my previous weight was around 42kgs… ya i was skinny with a height of 5’5ft .. then i contacted param sir and ya i had seen the difference in one month only.. i gained around 3kgs in just a month… He provides with one of the best diet plan… Highly recommended…

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.

  6. Manmeet Kaur

    Hello, weight loss is not easy and we all want to lose it very fast. most of us get ashamed to go out and workout and also ask for some one for help because we think after watching few you-tube videos we become expert but it is not right. we may be master of our profession but not in fitness. I did the same mistake and I don’t want you to do some. But luckily I got reference of param sir and we discuss all on phone. First I did not believe in this online fitness coaching but today after achieving my weight loss journey I do now. Param sir is the best online personal fitness trainer and online weight loss coach. He provides customized diet and workout plan and they are really very effective.

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.

  7. randy

    param is best online fitness coach in India and united states. I am really impressed with his training methods and knowledge. He helped me to get my fitness goal done and I really appreciate his dedication toward his clients. If you are reading this then you are at right place.. Randy

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.


    I really like param sir online training and what method sir is using. I am very happy with results and now I am fully positive toward my life and fitness. I am really very thankful to param sir

  9. Menu

    Top level Online Fintess Coaching. He always says train hard but train smart

  10. manish kumar

    Best Online Trainer Mr. Param sir. I got my personalised diet and workout from him is very effective and i Got lean body mass in 8 weeks very genuine and very effective diet plan thankyou sir for your guidance”

  11. Mani Pabla

    Have been taking the personal training under param sir. After having no fruitful results from few former trainers , i was amazed and cant say enough about param sir’s knowledge, professionalisms. He guided me with 3 months workouts and diets that was most suitable after just looking at the pictures sent initially. Regular updates and motivation helped me reach the target physique. I would highly recommend them.

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.

  12. Gurwinder Sigh Kahlon

    Paramjit sir is one of the best personal i have ever met regarding loosing my weight . He is a well educated trainer who explains each and every thing scientifically and not like other trainers who do their guess works .I joined 12 week guidance course of weight loose.Guys follow him if u want to improve your health .

    • Paramjit Singh

      Thanks for your valuable time Dear. It was all your true dedication and commitment toward your health and fitness goals.

  13. Renu bedi

    Hello, I have lost weight around 35kg in 9 months with “Parambodyfitmind”, Param sir diet plans. He is a nice person and an online fitness coach and nutritionist in India. I was very surprised when I told sir I want to lose weight but I am not able to pay you as I am a student and Sir said to follow the diet strictly and show me your dedication then surely I will help you to achieve your fitness goal in the end and sir did. But Sir I promise you, one day when I will start earning money then I will pay you for your 200% dedication

  14. Manmeet kaur

    Param Sir is best online fitness coach and nutritonist. I have seen amazing change in my body in only matter of 4 weeks. Now Will join for 6 months.

  15. Renu

    One of the best online fitness coach in India. Param helped me to achieve my weight loss and full body toning goal with his online workout and diet plans. I am very happy with results. Renu (Switzerland).

  16. Harpreet Kaur

    I have great experience with Param Sir. He is really a great fitness coach online and have great motivational power. Sir helped me to reduce my love handles fat and achieve my fitness goal. I took little bit longer from our exceptions but still I achieve my goal

  17. Rinku

    I trained with Param sir and really got amazing results only matter of weeks, reallly very nice, well educated and down to earth, easy accessible online fitness coach: Rinku (Canada)

  18. David

    Very easy and affected online training method by param and get started. Param is very knowledgeable and great to work with his team and him..

  19. Ashok

    Param Sir is caring, enthusiastic and his workouts are very effective!! Highly recommended!!

  20. Ravi

    Highly Recommended online fitness trainer and online nutritionist always stay you during your fitness journey.

  21. Grish

    Looking for best online fitness coaching services for your body transformations then “Parambodyfitmind” is the best online fitness coach for your all type fitness goals. I would highly recommend Parambodyfitmind to anyone looking for a highly qualified online personal trainer.

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