Howdy Friends! Welcome to “Parambodyfitmind” – Parambodyfitmind is your one-stop-shop for customized fitness and nutrition needs, which helps you achieve a fit body and mind.

We provide personalized nutrition and flexible training plans for men and women to help them achieve the much-wanted six-pack abs, weight loss, fat loss, lose the unwanted double chin, body transformation, getting rid of love handles, gain muscle along with a lifestyle transformation, bodybuilding, full-body toning and achieving overall health benefits.

I Am Param and I welcome you all to My Digital Space – Parambodyfitmind! We have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and witnessed more than Thousands of Body Transformations so far.

How My Online Fitness Coaching Works?

How it Works?

My first step starts with a questionnaire (Sign-Up Form). The Questionnaire is a set of questions like, what is your height, weight, your fitness goal, current whole day diet, any medical issue, current body shape(picture), body measurements, food allergy if any, etc. These questionnaires help me to understand you better to design effective video-based home/gym workouts and diet plans. Video based workout plan mean you can click on the name of exercise in your workout plan you can find the demonstrations video and written description of the exercise as well.

How We Know you are doing exercises with right posture?

Performing exercises with the right posture and technique is a very important part of fitness improvement and prevent injuries. But you no need to worry I am constantly working to improve our online fitness coaching.

First, we provide video-based workout plan, means you can click the name of any exercise in your workout plan you can find video of that exercise and mostly all of them exercises you can find written description as well. the second, I always ask my members to send me recorded video of their doubtful exercises So I can understand what you doing wrong. Thirdly: I will tell you simple and very effective method so you can automatically understand you are doing this exercise wrong or correct.

As you know my main fitness agenda here is to provide you proper guidance and help you to achieve your fitness goal along with making you your own personal trainer because it is not possible for all of us to keep hiring personal trainers for life because we all need holidays, need flexibility to workout any time anywhere and in fitness, self-motivation is the key of success. I have over 15 years of experience in fitness and if someone truly dedication toward his health and fitness then my video-based workouts and customized nutrition plans are more than enough.

What we provide?

We provide online through our website video-based gym workouts, home workouts no equipment needed, home workouts with equipment like kettlebell, dumbbells, barbells, any equipment is available at your home and nutrition (Diet) plans in PDF. I track your progress every week and according to that, I change the training method, exercises, and meal macros.

Our Training Skills!

We design workout & diet according to individual needs. Your workout could be a combination of different training methods every time I, change it like, Strength Weight Training, Cardiovascular, Advanced German Volume, Circuit, Yoga, Pilates, Cross, Tabata, HIIT, Continuous, Fartlek, Plyometrics, Kettlebell, Functional, Suspension Training, etc,

How we track your progress?

I always recommend to my clients please send me your current picture, when he/she become our member, maybe with or without a face, we also advise them to take full body measurement every 15-20 days, also when we speak on phone, I always ask about your progress. So this is how we track your progress.

It would be better, if you will speak with me once before start your fitness journey. If you are really serious about your health & fitness goals.

How to join and About Pricing?

Once you click on Sign-Up,It will redirect you to Sign-up page on my website. You can find membership plans with Pricing there when you scroll down. Decide your membership plan & Click on Join Now, then Add to Cart.

Fill all the Questionnaire and in the end, you can pay via Stripe payment gateway with you debit or credit card. If you are looking for other way to pay so you can WhatsApp me +918146574532 will share you my bank detail and other method to pay and start your health and fitness journey.

Remember maybe you are looking for only a diet plan or workout plan, then pricing is different. I suggest better discuss with me about your requirements.

What Next?

Once I have received your payment and all information will send you video-based your workout link & your meal plan in PDF. Looking for more visit Home Page or Contact Today.Looking for more information then you can whatsApp +91-8146574532

Guarantee Results!

We Guarantee Results & Satisfaction! Follow our diet and workout plan strictly and We Guarantee Results & Satisfaction. Results may vary from person to person, as we all have different types of metabolic rates, stress level, dedication, motivation, medical history, injuries, wrong following diet previous history, and body type, etc.

Join with Us online today for your body transformation, Select your membership plan Sign-Up Today and Stay Connected with Us on  Instagram You can also find our client latest body transformation on our Instagram page and website testimonial page.