lean body transformation

Jassie Bajwa

July 13, 2019

Dear Param Sir, Thank you for outlining an exercise program just for me. This is my crazy 8 Weeks ripped Body Transformation. I got it what i want lean body. I dont like Bulk, I like slim body but muscular with cuts. This is my testimonial to Parambodyfitmind, first I am very happy for mine body transformation done by you Param Sir.When you start working out or eating healthy, it will be difficult to adhere to it. Even doing 10 reps of jumping jacks may seem like a struggle. But as you keep doing it you will be ready for more complex challenges. You will build mental and physical strength for the upcoming obstacles. Obstacles that you can overcome if you sweat and struggle today. It is my best body transformation Yet. I have gained 5 kg Pure muscle mass in 8 weeks. All thanks to my hardworking motivation and param sir guidance. Thanks Again, Your Jassie Bajwa
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online personal training for women

Weight Loss

July 11, 2019

Without right coach it would never possible. I am Very thankful to param Sir. No More Words- Ujjwala
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12 week body transformation results


July 8, 2019

Hi, this is my testimonial to paramjit, he is very nice and well educated personal trainer. He helped me in so many ways like in deit , workout and when deplete and when load a carbs. I was also getting guide from other trainer as well but the way param guided me and train me time by time because of his hectic schedule he could not train me every day. But i was very happy from his guidance. As u can see in my picture that was my 12 weeks shredded body program and was not possible to achieve without help of param. thanks buddy ..regard Bhullar-Canada
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women weight loss before after picture

Sumeet Kaur

July 4, 2019

Hi, I met param in England that time he was doing his personal trainer course there. he was my friend’s friend. so from that time i know him. after some time i went to German and got pr there due to my hectic schedule i gain 10 pounds and i want to shredded it he was in my contact so i contacted him he guided me on line and send me all the diet chart according German diet and with in 8 Weeks only i lost around 8.5 kg weight and 4 inches from my waist and also his body weight home exercises helped me to get gd figure.he is like brother to me. right now i am 55 kg fit girl enjoy my life thanks … Sam (German)
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weight loss body transformation picture

Jaswinder Singh

July 3, 2019

It’s true, isn’t it? You can blame your trainer, dietician, or even your family and friends for your weight gain. But at the end of the day, you have to take control of your life. If you do not adhere to the diet and exercise plan, even the best trainers and dieticians can do nothing about it. Learn to say “No” politely but firmly to your friends and family when they lure you into unhealthy habits. Tell yourself why losing weight is important for you. This will keep you motivated.
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weight loss body transformation

Gurjeet Singh

July 2, 2019

As My Picture Speak them-self. It is really hard to achieve your fitness goal without right guidance. most of us do it wrong way and in the end they get lose skin and so many medical problems. So i suggest to every one please lose your weight with right guidance. Hire some one good and better like I hired param sir as my personal trainer and nutritionist. If you are reading this without any doubt you can hire sir.. and your will never be disappoint. I lost 25 kg in 6 Months and It never came back.
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Body Transformation Picture

Raj Amrit

July 1, 2019

Hi dear, This is my Testimonial to my brother paramjit singh. He is best Personal Trainer and nutritionist, We all need to have some faith in us and our trainer then there we can achieve our fitness goal. Thanks bro for your Right Guidance and Right motivation.
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Abs Goal

Goal Abs

June 29, 2019

Hi this is my testimonial to my trainer param He is very good trainer.
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Female before after weight loss picture


June 28, 2019

i, This as u can c my weigh loss progress in my picture. when i started workout with param sir i was 75 kg. Because of my Extra weight i was alot worry and in stress all the time. I can do very hard training but i need some kind motivation so I start training from param sir. Then with in 6 months hard training and a lots of mat exercises i achieved my goal and now i am 50 kg and i am very proud now. Even sir is very proud on me because i also did very hard training. Now a days i recommend param sir to obese people who want to loss weight and get fed up for doing wrong dieting on their own. Regard, Yasika mohali India
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natural weight loss body transformation

Jaspreet Singh JP

June 6, 2019

Dear Param Sir, This is my testimonial to Param Sir, When i Started My weight Loss Journey I was 88.9 Kg and i was not able to walk because of my Lumber Spine Issue, Doctor Told me complete rest and put me on medicine. But i felt i was not recovering from my back pain even it was getting worse day by day. I already know param sir, He told me already, medicine and bed rest is not solution of back issue JP.You have to do gym and back strengthening exercises and make your diet right . Then one day i understood what pajji saying and start workout, Now it been around 6 month now i have 80 % back problem solved and now i can do squat and bend over row exercises as well. Now My Weight Is 73kg I have improved a lot means a lot All credit to param Sir. Still i am working out as pajji guide me, you will see my second body transformation with 6 packs abs well. Thank you, Jaspreet Singh JP
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