Top personal training certifications

Fitness industry is booming day by day and It is really good options for people who want to build a here strong career in the fitness industry. As becoming a good personal trainer sounds great and easy, but you should have great knowledge about Human anatomy and physiology, know proper about health, safety, and welfare in a fitness environment.

Good understanding of principles of exercise, fitness, and health, must know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity, planning gym-based exercise plans, planning individuals(Personal Training) clients based exercise program, demonstrating the proper technique to clients and a lot more. If you are live in United Kingdom then Origym fitness course will be very useful for you. You can visit their website.

It is always better if you enroll in well recognized personal trainer certification awarding body (Most personal training qualifications are accredited through awarding bodies. These qualifications are generally delivered by Further Education (FE) establishments like colleges, or by private training, providers) in your particular state and country.

Because If you have only planned to work in your particular area then it is a good option. But if you want to travel the World in the future and looking for a job opportunity abroad as well, then going for international recognized personal trainer certification awarding bodies also a very good choice.

Most of the time local and international Personal trainer certification awarding bodies charge almost the same amount than going for internationally recognized awarding body is the best option.

Top 8 Internationally Valid Personal Trainer Certifications.

But What I know so far, after passing personal trainer certification passed in India, If I am looking to work in Canada, then mostly they would prefer their awarding body as every country has different awarding body well Recognized for personal trainer certification like in

Canada (Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro)), U.K (CYQ – Central YMCA Qualifications. Approved by the Government and Ofqual accredited, the Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) offers health and fitness qualifications based on 25 years of industry expertise), USA (NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine), Australia (Australian Institute of Fitness), New Zealand (NZIHF- New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness) (NZIHF is a REPs Registered Education Provider, meaning your qualifications are automatically recognised if you choose to apply to become a REPs Registered Personal Trainer.) Austria (TDFA – The Dangerously Fit Academy – The Dangerously Fit Academy is REPS and CIMSPA Accredited.) Etc.

So you have to think a lot before enrolling personal trainer certification and remember these personal training certification is not valid for a lifetime, Once you’ve been awarded personal trainer certification for 2 years, you’ll have to send a renewal fee (fees depend on awarding body), proof that you have a valid CPR & AED certificates Etc Or maybe some awarding body Like REPS – (As a REPs member, they recommend you to achieve 10 CPD points every year.

CPD points are calculated and valid for one year from the date you completed the piece of training) require only you to add 20 or 10 CPD – (CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development) Point every year for keeping your Personal Trainer Certification Valid.

You can add these CPD Points by doing a small duration improving your training skills via doing other fitness training certification, like Pilates Certification, Yoga Instructor Certification, Zumba coach Certification, Cross Fit Instructor Etc.

Before Enroll any Personal training course, your must know your personal trainer certification provider should be
recognized by Reps – REPs was developed to protect the public from trainers who do not hold appropriate qualifications and to provide assurance and confidence to the public and employers that all professionals on the register are appropriately qualified with the knowledge, competence, and skills to perform their role effectively. Reps are Controlling most of the fitness courses in all major countries, you must ask your Personal Trainer Certification provider about it.

Here is Below Internationally Recognized Best personal trainer certifications:

The major certifying bodies include the following:

(1) NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine

When it comes to personal training certification, NASM tops the list for its expertise in training through the proven and evidence-based methods. The certifications offered by NASM have raised the standards of personal training in the fitness industry. Some of the advanced certifications here are worth taking up for people who want to make a mark in the fitness industry.

(2) ACE: American Council on Exercise

ACE certified trainers are the ones who are well accepted in the healthcare industry. ACE offers fitness training certification for personal trainers and Group fitness instructors. This certification is considered to be one of the renowned certifications and emphasizes individualized training programs through their ACE Integrated fitness training model.

(3) ACSM: The American College of Sports Medicine

Regarded as one of the oldest personal training certifying agencies. NSCA is known to be the leading human performance research organizations in the world. To be eligible to sit for NSCA certification, one has to be more than 18years old and should be cardiopulmonary resuscitation or automatic external defibrillator certified.

(4) NSCA: The national strength and conditioning Association

Regarded as one of the oldest personal training certifying agencies, NSCA is known to be the leading human performance research organizations in the world. To be eligible to sit for NSCA certification, one has to be more than 18years old and should be CPR and AED certified.

(5) AFPA: American fitness professionals and Associates

The AFPA personal training certification is a program that teaches personal training tools and techniques, nutrition research medicines, and training programs. Suitable for even sports and athletes. There are other special certifications that can be obtained from this training institute.

(6) NFPT: National Federation of Professional Trainers

It offers comprehensive studies include the in-depth insight of the science of exercise, the fundamental resources, and support to succeed in the fitness industry, Being one of the renowned personal training certification, accredited by NCCA, one needs to have two years of fitness experience prior to taking NFPT certification. As much as an NFPT certification adds value to a beginner’s profile in fitness training, it also adds a lot of credibility to the experienced trainers as well.

(7) IFPA: International Fitness professionals Association

With over 70 certifications, IFPA certification for personal training is one of the sought after certifications that ensures the educatees get proper training related to techniques, knowledge and enhance their abilities required for a successful personal trainer. To be eligible to pursue this certification, one should be at least 18years old with a high school diploma and should have a CPR certification done.

(8) FM: Fitness Mentors –

The Fitness Mentors CPT is the Only Course that Offers 100% Online Coursework and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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