If you reading this today it Means you want to build your strong successful career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. You must have passed already your personal trainer certification. If not yet then you can read Top Internationally Valid Personal Trainer Certification Lists article.

Have you always wanted to become a personal trainer? Unfortunately, wanting is only half the battle. In order to become a trainer and succeed as the one you need to have the right game plan in place and follow it up with consistent action just like your workouts.

How to become a Successful Personal Fitness Trainer

After Passing your personal trainer certification does not mean, you will get straightway client to train or very good salary in fitness centers, now is the time for you to gain good experience and learn about how to train client properly so they will give a good review about your personal training, so you can get a promotion, salary-wise and in fitness rank wise.

Yes you heard it the right promotion, as, after completion of your personal trainer certification, you need to find work in the fitness center to gain experience. Maybe you are thinking to set up online personal training business but still you need to gain good client-based experience.

I know maybe you are thinking here there is so many successful you-tuber or online trainer, for you, they are doing good and they just set up their account on Instagram or you-tube and start training people.

It was true in past people got success by setting up online personal training business, but that time there was not much awareness, as it is now and they have gained good experience now but I am talking about 2020 now, one thing more I have seen most of these you-tuber in beginning, they guide people free so they can gain experience. I know what you are thinking now how they survive then, if they guide people free, yes you have a good question, most of these You-Tuber have other income of source, most of them are living abroad and they work part-time in other profession or full time for surviving and they start to train people for help or maybe other reason.

But as you are different from them, you already invest in your personal training certification and now you need to pay the money back to your parents and earn too. Now, these days your client is clever than you. He has more knowledge about fitness than you. He watches more fitness videos than you. He read more fitness articles than you. So in the end I can say he no need you if you have not to advance level knowledge. So you need to be the best than others by gaining experience in gyms by working.

Gaining One Million of Followers or Earning 1 million, there is a huge difference my friend. I hope you will understand my mean. Now after getting a job in the fitness center as a personal trainer, your next target is how people will come to you or how you will approach gym clients for personal training, maybe here your superiors can help you to get few personal training at the beginning of your career as a personal trainer, most trainers succeed till here, but the main thing is a renewal of your personal training.

I have seen so many personal trainers when they joined the gym after completing their personal trainer certification. They think they are best now. But what they have gained their only theory not practical knowledge. How to do bench press correctly won’t make you the best personal trainer.

People want results from you and you to want your diet and workout effective because your clients want to see Some good results in the first 2 weeks. If you failed to motivate them and failed to show them some good results then that’s it, they will ask your Gym manager for change personal trainer in the middle of your half sessions. I am not bluffing it is true.

No doubt personal training is big business: a $10 billion dollar, in fact according to market research from IBIS world, it is a continually evolving industry, one that offers a range of potential career opportunities for individuals interested in becoming personal trainers. Personal trainers are nationally or internationally certified fitness professionals with advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, nutrition and exercise science. They have the ability to create and lead individual and group exercises that are tailor-made for the health needs of their clients.


1. Become nutritionist as well:

Yes you heard it right after completion of tour personal trainer certificate. you can get a job as a personal trainer but these days clients are not looking for only personal trainers. They are looking for nutritionist as well. Because they need a good diet plan as well. Only an exercise plan can’t help them. if you failed to provide the proper diet macros according to their fitness goal. I am not saying here you need certification of nutrition but it is all up to you but you need to learn good knowledge about nutrition as well from your seniors or through nutrition certification, otherwise your are in still trouble.

2. Never stop learning:

Always learn from your seniors. I have more than one decade of experience in the fitness industry but still I learn from where ever I can find opportunities. Most new youngsters think certification is everything but certification is not everything. you still need to learn more through practical knowledge. I know maybe, you are thinking, I am wrong because 80% of trainers change their profession after 1-2 years of beginning or their fitness career.

3. Design Enjoyment Hard training sessions:

Yes you heard it right make your every Training sessions to enjoyable, otherwise does not matter, what you do, your client will leave you someday, you can make it enjoyment by the involvement of other training methods like cross-fit, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, etc. Yes I know it should confusing but yes modern era people get bored too soon with the same machines gym workout every day. I am not talking here about me or you, remember, I am talking here about our Clients.

4. Focus on them as well as yourself :

Some personal trainer focuses on their own Physique only, I know building own good Physique is good but what about your clients, they hired you and they have some expectation.

5. Learn from your mistakes:

It does not mean, now you have a certificate and you start behaving like you are right all the time. What you can learn through experience, you can not learn through certification. Certification is just a requirement to enter the fitness industry, and the certificate does not take a guaranteed job or a good salary.

6. Motivation:

you must improve your motor skills for this your need to read motivations books and motivation stories. Get more convincing power, so you can convince your clients to follow diet and do workout properly.

7. Don’t look at others:

Most of the personal trainer in their beginning career, they look at others training and diet methods and start copying them or download nutrition or workout program from internet and start giving to their clients. It is really bad, and if you are serious about building your career in fitness, you must not do it. Most of online nutrition and workout plans are for general guidance. But your client has different fitness goals and different requirements.

8. last but not least:

after all these efforts nothing matters, what matters is results. If you failed to deliver results on time to your clients then they will leave you after 1-2 months. Now here Never be get demotivated maybe your clients will speak badly about you after few sessions, but you never stop learning and improving yourself day by day, this is the best way to build a strong career in fitness as Successful Personal trainer.

You can join any other profession, there are obstacles, there are Demotivations, there are people to demotivate you, there are people to put you down, there are people to let you down, there is time not by your side, Maybe there is your family not by your side. But it is all you want to be successful not them.

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