How to Get a Job As Personal Trainer

Howdy Friends! I am going to discuss in this article step by step guide, about what should be your first step to get job easily as a personal trainer. Full Guideline for Getting a Job as Personal Fitness Trainer Step by Step:-

(1) Getting certified as personal trainer:

If you have decided personal training is for you, your first step is to get certified. The majority of national certification bodies only require candidates to have a high school diploma to sit for certifying examination.

Although post-secondary education in the form of a certificate training course or formal degree is highly recommended completing the minimum educational requirement is important. I have already wrote article about Top Personal Trainer Certifications.

(2) How to gain Practical Knowledge before job:

I know there are all personal trainer certification awarding bodies provide good practical knowledge, but it is not sufficient for getting a job in good reputation fitness centers. So how you can gain good practical knowledge, there is 2 best way to do it, First without telling hire well known experienced personal trainer. I know it sounds different but yes this is the right way otherwise, it will take years to you learn all strategies about establish good personal training business.

Second, always watch and observe other personal trainers in your gym, where you train, here you must join a good well-known fitness center in your area. Joining a good fitness center will not only help you to gain more knowledge about how to train clients properly. But also there is more chance you to know about job availability there and more chance they will hire you, as they are already known to you. But you must have good goodwill with them.

(3) Complete AED/CPR certification:

As personal trainers may encounter physical emergencies with clients. They should complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator certification programs . These programs teach trainers how to recognize when a client is having a medical emergency; handle cardiac emergencies. Both certifications are required by nearly every national personal training certification organization.

(4) Must have good Nutrition Knowledge:

I know it is getting more and more, but in most of the interviews they will ask you about both Gym based Questions and Nutrition-related Questions. Having good knowledge about nutrition will increase your chance to get more salary and also most importantly, they will hire you in the first place as compared to other Personal Trainer, who has only a personal trainer certificate. You can gain nutrition-related knowledge via doing nutrition certification or diploma or by hiring an experienced nutritionist. It is all up to you how to gain your good nutrition knowledge.

(5) Choose Right Fitness Center/Gym/Health Club:

Yes you heard it right, choosing the right fitness center will help you to gain good knowledge about personal training. As this is also a money-based business, Uneducated people will pay more to doctors, but they will never hire you as their personal trainer or nutritionist to improve their health. But Well Educated people will hire you a straight way, if you are good, because they know, how much their health is important for their business and Family.

(6) Apply for jobs and build a portfolio:

After passing the test you become a certified personal trainer. You’re qualified for positions in a variety of fitness settings. Also there are online job postings available for starting personal fitness organizations other choose to work online. It depends upon person to person choice.

(7) Looking for Increase your income:

After getting a job as a Personal Trainer You will develop a sense as to which types of clients you enjoy training. You can then invest in further education and get a special certification with a specialty, you will have more to offer these clients and you can usually charge a little more for your services. Also do you want to work in group exercise? Individualized personal training? Fitness programming, athletics and sports, lifestyle and weight management, orthopedics, medical specialist.

You also can read my article about How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer after completion of your Personal Trainer Certificate.

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