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Howdy Friends! I am not only the online personal trainer by paper qualification but also you can judge me by my successful body transformations stories by clicking on my website Testimonials Page.

Also there are so many online dietitians & trainers getting ready to fool you by saying eat your favorite food and lose weight in days. Overall such type coaches just play with your health to make money. So it’s my humble request to stay away from such fake people. I always say to my clients,”Fitness is hard, if it’s easy then everybody has it and if it’s impossible then nobody has it. Fitness is a strong mind people game, my friend.

My all online programs come with Guarantee Results & Satisfaction Or Your full Money Back! So why wait? Enroll today and take the first leap towards your fitness journey!

The Results Speak Louder than Words!

Before and After Body Transformations
12 week body transformation results
online personal training for women
12 week body transformation results Female
online fitness coaching results
12 week body transformation results Females
Before and After Body Transformations
online personal fitness training results
achieve your goal with online personal training
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Rajinder Kaur
Rajinder Kaur
Hello I am Rajinder from Sydney Australia. Param online fitness Guidance help me to lose weight get fat to fit thanks parambodyfitmind
ravinder samra
ravinder samra
Hi I am ravinder from Toronto Canada. Found parambodyfitmind through Google and took 3 months online fitness weight loss plan and lose 12 and half kg weight
Jony Gill
Jony Gill
hi I am jony gill from Canada Vancouver got fitness coaching online from paramjit singh parambodyfitmind really seen very good change in my body and loose 7kg bodyweight in 3 month alll thanks to my fitness coach param
Nirog Veda
Nirog Veda
Best online fitness trainer in India highly recommended
Ajay Randhawa
Ajay Randhawa
Hi I am ajay live in Mumbai took online guidance from paramjit singh and got very good results he is really good what he is doing.. Thanks
Amritpal Singh
Amritpal Singh
Hi i am amrit from 🇳🇿Newzealand . I wanna write review about (Parambodyfitmind)as my online indian fitness coach. He is internationally certified fitness trainer and nutritionist. Actually, I was really skinny and as a man, it always messed with my confidence. Ever since I joined parambodyfitmind. I have acquired desired results that made me super confident. I am very thankful of param sir and i highly recommend to everyone who want lose weight, gain weight and want tokeep body fit
I live in Melbourne I took online fitness training with param and it been 4 weeks now I am seeing good change in my body appearance. Before hiring param I was training with other trainers they charges less than param but whenever I call then they were not available and it is really frustrating so I thought less try param for one month so I hired param for my body transformation and I am really happy with results and I will surely going to renew for next 3 month for achieve my fitness goals. You advice everyone must take benifits of param (parambodyfitmind) online fitness coaching
Lakhwinder Kaur
Lakhwinder Kaur
Hello I live in USA California got to know about param online fitness coaching from a friend she got very good results in 12 weeks body transformation program I was very impressed so I hired param. Got less result in first month but param assure me stay motivated and keep following diet and workout plan properly so as he said I did and slowly slowly I start seeing very good change in my body. It took me extra 2 months but as Every body is different but finally I got my body transformation Done all thanks to param sir really appreciate it .
Boparai 95. sabb 95 boparai
Boparai 95. sabb 95 boparai
Great online fitness training guidance with param sir highly recommended for weight loss fitness coaching virtually
saranjit singh Boparai
saranjit singh Boparai
Best online weight loss coach in instagram and India I am really impressive with results in such a short span thanks param g

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Online Indian Personal trainer in USA


Online personal trainee sunmeet Singh testimonial

Param is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Personal Trainer. He knows, how to motivate his lazy clients and make them to follow diet and workout plan properly. Highly Recommended. 

Sunmeet Singh , Review
Online personal trainee Gagan batth testimonial

Param Sir Online Personal Training Services are remarkable. Paramjit does an excellent job with his clients. I have incredible energy, my strength, endurance and muscle mass have improved in just matter of months.  

Gagan Batth , Review
Online personal trainee jaspreet singh testimonial

He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned and I would highly recommend Param Sir “Parambodyfitmind”. 

Jaspreet Singh , Review
Online personal trainee mani pabla testimonial

Thanks so much for the training ” Parambodyfitmind”. I learnt lots from it. As we have choice to choose online training sessions for achieving the goal, I have tried all but thanks Param Sir to provide me with something actually that works! Highly Recommended. 

Mani Pabla , Review
Online personal trainee randy punia testimonial

Looking for personal trainer to weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, health improvement etc. your search ends here. 

Randy Punia , Review
Online Personal Training for Women

Param Sir is Internationally Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Param Sir is one of the best. 

Rhythm Singh Randhawa, Review
Online personal trainee saloni saini testimonial

Perfect result and service. ..had wonderful experience with parambodyfitmind ..everyone should contact for best and fast results 👍👍💪💪

Salony Saini, Review
Online personal trainee subrata das testimonial

It was my honour that I got Mr. Param as a online trainer. He helped me to reduce all my body fat through his diet chart and exercises. Now, he is helping me in bulking followed by cutting in next few months.

Subrata Das, Review
Online personal trainee Ena Singh testimonial

Paramjit’s holistic and personalized approach, along with utmost professionalism and caring makes him an excellent coach and trainer.

Ena Singh , Review
Online personal trainee yasika testimonial

The results I have achieved with Param Sir Online Personal Training are incredible. Sir professionalism, individualized exercise programs & Meal Plans, advance knowledge and dedication toward his clients. Highly Recommended. 

Yasika , Review

Indian Online Personal Trainer and nutritionist in USA!

Parambodyfitmind provides the best Indian online fitness training and nutrition services in the USA. These services are based on scientific principles and his experience of more than 15 years. I provide fitness programs that tell you how to track your time, meal, and workout plans with rapid and satisfactory results. I feel proud to tell you in my journey of fitness trainer more than Uncountable Numbers clients achieved their desired and satisfactory results. I travel around the world and spreads +ve fitness vibes.

My Personal Methods Of Online Coaching in USA!!

Benefits of Indian Online Personal Fitness Trainer in USA!

(1.) Americans have busy schedule: In the present era, life is very stressful in the USA due to more work boredom but param provides such workouts that can improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. (2.) Folk in the USA prefer good physique: Everyone in the USA likes to give themselves a gorgeous look so param is a coach which tells his clients about such exercises which are crucial to supporting a fast metabolism and burning more calories per day. It also helps you maintain your muscle mass and weight loss.

(3.) To reduce infertility and impotence rate in USA: In a health survey by USA health ministry ii is reported that infertility and impotence ratio of both genders high in the USA as compared to other nations but param guides his clients about such exercises that can improve sexual desire and function and also help decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. (4.) To increase the energy level of natives of the USA: Undoubtedly people are busier with their own jobs in the USA so programs designer by param helps to sort out the issue of persistent fatigue and other serious illness.

Indian Online Personal Fitness Trainer in USA!

It is undeniable fact that “Parambodyfitmind” serve finest online personal training in the USA as you can speak to Me through Skype, Whatsapp or email, fitness fans are finding that the hard work can be done from the comfort of their and living rooms – all often at a price cheaper than a monthly gym membership.

We do everything we can to make it as personal,” I say”. The fact is many other busy online trainers cut corners, they can’t charge what their time is worth and in order to keep prices competitive, they automate as much as possible. But “Parambodyfitmind” can’t and won’t do this.

Today I am an independent Indian Online Personal Fitness Trainer, weight loss coach, gym trainer and nutritionist in USA online trainer and nutritional offering best online tailored nutrition and training programs for fat loss, muscle gain, and improved performance.

Join Us online today for your body transformation, Select your membership plan Sign-Up Today and Stay Connected with Us on  Instagram and YouTube for Daily Updates, Offers and Discounts.