Hi this is my best testimonial to parambodyfitmind when i started workout i was 125 kg and I was not very regular in gym and even when i was went to gym could not train properly then i met param sir he put in outdoor training and guide me about proper diet, and also advice me to come in gym in evening and do ground in morning. Sir use to say this word all the time Vikash u doing great i am very proud of from you, Very few client can do this kind hard work what u did and doing then i feel more motivated and worked more hard. So slowly slowly i become very regular to ground activities and gym as well within my 8 month hard work i lost 45 kg and now i am around 78 kg now. and right now i am getting lean body mass workout and i can see my slightly visible abdominal muscle now. i am very happy thanks sir Regards,…. Gary Mohali, India