It is always advisable to train your body with a different type of training method in fitness like circuit training so how to train with circuit training and What is circuit training?

There are so many types of different methods we use In training for fast growth and get more benefits from the workout and challenge ourselves to improve our fitness. Circuit training is one of them.

Circuit Training

Benefits of circuit training:

Challenge your fitness, take your fitness to the next level, gain muscle mass fast, shed fat fast, get cardio benefits, overall motivations, and improve your stamina, strength, and overall health.

How to perform circuit training?

The method is very easy. If you are my student then you already have my workout plan any workout plan does not matter gym or home, what you have to do is choose Day 1 all the exercises from workout plan and perform them in the circuit, means, for example, day 1, I have told you to do chest and back or upper body then it means chest and back are two separate muscles and whole upper body you can consider 1 workout.

First, start with first chest exercise with repetition about 12-15 with medium weights or intensity then without start performing the second exercise of the chest with the same rep then without rest third and fourth according to your workout pan with the same repetitions.

When done 1 round then take 1-2 minute break then repeat the same exercise circuit for 3-5 times. Same as chest we train the back muscle or according to your workout plan day 1.

As above we perform the same for the whole week. Please leave a comment below if you any more questions about the circuit which I was not able to clear.

And don’t forget to update me about how many circuits have done, the total time of workout completion without including cardio.

Here is below few Different type training Methods:

Most used cardiovascular training types:

1. Aerobic Interval Training.
2. Circuit Training.
3. High Intensity, Short Duration.
4. Low Intensity, Long Duration.
5. Fartlek Training.
6. Medium Intensity, Medium Duration.
7. Anaerobic Interval Training.

Most used Advanced Intensity Building Training Types:

1. Drop Sets.
2. Giant Sets.
3. Forced Reps.
4. Pre-Exhaust Training.
5. Pyramid training
6. Partials.
7. Cheat Reps.
8. Variation Triple Drop Sets.
9. German Volume Training.
10. Tempo Training.
11. Circuit Training.
12. Isolation/Compound Super-setting.
13. Jump Sets.
14. Go Failure.
15. Fast Twitch/Slow Twitch.
16. Burns.
17. Speedy Reps.

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