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Before and After Body Transformations

Testimonial of Gourav

February 17, 2020

Hello dear param sir, I am very happy with your online personal training results. I have achieved my fitness goal. I know I was always in doubt in first 3-4 weeks as I been conned already from other Instagram online trainer. But you cleared all my doubts well and thank for your dedication - Gourav
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Client Testimonial Body Transformation

December 16, 2019

Hi Guys, this is my second body transformation in 2019 with the help of mine online personal trainer and best brother paramjit singh known as Parambodyfitmind. I have achieved mine this body goal in 12 short weeks. I have done 6 hours daily weight training 3 in morning and 3 in evening with extra 6 hours cardio in a week. I followed very strict diet as param bro suggested me-Raj amrit.
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Ashu Weight Loss Body Transformation

December 15, 2019

This is my weight loss transformation Testimonial Review to param sir known as "Parambodyfitmind". It was summer mid july 2019. When i contacted param sir via Instagram. I been already taking personal training psychically from my local gym trainer. But weight was not coming down. One day i searching on Instagram for online personal trainer then luckily i found param sir. We started in july 2019 and today is mid december 2019. So i lost around 21kg in six months. I am really happy with my results. I Highly recommend "Parambodyfitrmind" param sir for online personal training to every one, who are looking for good results-Ashu, England.
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Before and After Body Transformations

Gurmukh Singh Body Transformation Testimonial

November 28, 2019

Here is mine again 20 week ripped body six pack abs goal body transformation. I really Appreciate param sir and guidance. Sir Guided Me well I know it longer than we expected but never give up on your personal trainer and yourself. Trust is key. I am very thankful param sir. -Gurmukh
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Testimonial of Ravinder

November 28, 2019

Exercise is not about lose weight or gain. It's all about improve your health and enjoy your life. But working out in gym in online training param sir make it so effective and enjoyable. Always answer my doubts. Ravinder, Canada.
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Gagan Ripped

October 30, 2019

Hi this is my testimonial to param sir. He is best ever Trainer Who trainer me very genuine guy and always think his clients as GOD. I am Very thankful-Gagan
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Weight Loss Of Jaspreet Singh

October 29, 2019

Life is not easy and not the fitness journey. I was suffering with back pain and doctor told me to go for surgery this is one selution we have. I knew param sir already. I called sir and sir motivated me  for gym workout. I did as per param sir instructions and now results are front of you. I recovered from my back pain and also did weight loss and get good natural body as well. All thanks to param sir
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Extreme Weight Loss Body Transformation of Prakash Kumar Sir

October 22, 2019

Life is hard and We all have to work hard for survive. I bet you all without full support from your body it is really hard to get is going properly. I was overweight in 2017 115kg but without your own motivation nothing is possible. No trainer or dietitian can do any thing if your are not really. So be in first your self  get your will power strong. But right guidance is the key of success for this i really thanks to my personal trainer Param.
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natural body transformation picture of mani pabla

Twelve Weeks Body Transformation Of Mani Pabla

October 15, 2019

Thanks you so much for the training @parambodyfitmind. I really learnt lots form it. As we have choice to choose online training sessions for achieving the goal, I have tried all of that but thanks param bhaji to provide me with something actually that works! So thanks you-Mani Pabla
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Extreme Weight Loss Body Transformation

October 14, 2019

Hi dear My name is hardeep singh and this mine weight loss body transformation. I been working out past few years. My self I am also Gym owner and personal trainer. i also helped so many people in their fitness goal but as you know when time comes to transform your own body. we need to talk to some one. I know may be you guys thinking wrong but it is true. Even when param sir decide any his own body fitness goal we normally talked to each other and discuss about our progress, diet and workout strategies. in first pic my weight was 90kg and right now it is fluctuate 72-75 kg. Works hard but work smart with right guidance is the key of success..
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