Online Personal Fitness Training in Australia!

Parambodyfitmind provide first-class online personal fitness training in Australia for both Male’s and Female’s to achieve their fitness goals. Australia is home to some of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational personal trainer and there is no need of introduction to the Australian population, “Parambodyfitmind” is the face of healthy living and fitness in Australians.


We are witnessed more than 1000 body transformations so far & still counting. These are few Transformation pictures of mine students. Please visit on my website Testimonial Page for latest body transformation pictures and reviews.

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Train With Finest Online Personal Trainer in Australia!

Sitting in Australia, receiving online personal fitness coaching from "Parambodyfitmind" means no more endless googling and wasting money, just to move at a snail's pace . Once you will join Me "Parambodyfitmind" then you get a straight forward approach based on scientifically proven methods that will guide you to your ideal self and body you want .

My Personal Methods Of Personal Fitness Coaching!


Online personal trainee sunmeet Singh testimonial

Param is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Personal Trainer. He knows, how to motivate his lazy clients and make them to follow diet and workout plan properly. Highly Recommended. 

Sunmeet Singh , Review
Online personal trainee Gagan batth testimonial

Param Sir Online Personal Training Services are remarkable. Paramjit does an excellent job with his clients. I have incredible energy, my strength, endurance and muscle mass have improved in just matter of months.  

Gagan Batth , Review
Online personal trainee jaspreet singh testimonial

He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned and I would highly recommend Param Sir "Parambodyfitmind". 

Jaspreet Singh , Review
Online personal trainee mani pabla testimonial

Thanks so much for the training " Parambodyfitmind". I learnt lots from it. As we have choice to choose online training sessions for achieving the goal, I have tried all but thanks Param Sir to provide me with something actually that works! Highly Recommended. 

Mani Pabla , Review
Online personal trainee randy punia testimonial

Looking for personal trainer to weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, health improvement etc. your search ends here. 

Randy Punia , Review
Online personal trainee rythm singh testimonial

Param Sir is Internationally Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Param Sir is one of the best. 

Rhythm Singh Randhawa, Review
Online personal trainee saloni saini testimonial

Perfect result and service. ..had wonderful experience with parambodyfitmind ..everyone should contact for best and fast results 👍👍💪💪

Salony Saini, Review
Online personal trainee subrata das testimonial

It was my honour that I got Mr. Param as a online trainer. He helped me to reduce all my body fat through his diet chart and exercises. Now, he is helping me in bulking followed by cutting in next few months.

Subrata Das, Review
Online personal trainee Ena Singh testimonial

Paramjit's holistic and personalized approach, along with utmost professionalism and caring makes him an excellent coach and trainer.

Ena Singh , Review
Online personal trainee yasika testimonial

The results I have achieved with Param Sir Online Personal Training are incredible. Sir professionalism, individualized exercise programs & Meal Plans, advance knowledge and dedication toward his clients. Highly Recommended. 

Yasika , Review

First-Rate Online Personal Fitness Training in Australia!

I use my experience and education to help individuals find their success through functional strength development. "Every individual is different and has their own needs. "No matter where they are in their fitness journey.


Pricing is depend on your Membership Plan, Like 3 Months in $293, 6 Months in &500 and 1 Year in $724. Please Click on Below Sing up Button and Select your membership & It will Redirect you to Sing up Questionnaire and checkout.


online personal trainer in Australia

Read More My Personal Fitness Services For Australian People

I uses a blend of personal experience and modern sports science to motivate and train individuals from all walks of life . With over 11 years of experience as a trainer in Australia ; I had completed successfully in a number of body-shaping figure competitions and generously shares his experience with My clients."

I have coached individuals from diverse backgrounds in Australia . In order to tailor an exercise and nutritional program central to my clients aims ; "Parambodyfitmind" require each to complete an initial fitness assessment. Whether the priority be hypertrophy gains , fat loss or simply an improvement in physical fitness , each program is devised on an individual basis.

I am also specialize in combining personal attributes with a science based approach to training and nutrition and being a title holding natural bodybuilder. As a health coach, I provide strategies to his clients for behavior modification that helps people to achieve better overall health. There is no doubt param spent 6 years in studying exercise physiology and real nutrition to figure out the facts and methods.

When asked why I decided to become a personal trainer? I responded ,"I always feel my best after a hard workout . It wasn't that way when I first started , but I want people to experience that same feeling of gratification after really pushing themselves. I Param uses his experience and education to help individuals find their success through functional strength .

I create nutrition and workout programs according your need and I keep individual's goals in mind. Don't Waist More time your health is Precious for your family Join me today. I love creating connections and seeing people find their drive and motivation to reach their goals.

Undoubtedly the Aussie lifestyle is very different as compare to other countries as we know that Australia is a hub of wine production and consumption . Even from teen to retirees prefer to drink wine .

Parambodyfitmind designs such a workout which helps to eliminate the risk of health diseases due to consumption of drinks like obesity , hypertension and blood fat levels. Also programs provide by Me help to improves blood flow to the brain and helps brain health and memory.

Moreover exercise programs by Me helps Australians to protect their skin and delay signs of aging as his workout can provide antioxidant protection and promote blood flow. For Daily Updates or Quick Chat Contact me today & Don't Forget to Follow me On Instagram for Daily Motivational Stuff and Updates.

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”

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