Diet plan For Weight Loss!

As you should know that when we start our Weight loss and body transformation journey, our progress should be monitored every week and diet and workout should be change accordingly that. Most of us Follow same diet and after few weeks our progress stopped or became too slow.

A Good one Diet Plan should be according our Fitness goal, Fitness level, Gender, Age, Our Circumstances and BMI etc. So my mean to say is here that one diet plan does not Suitable for every one. Mainly before following any diet plan there should be discussion  between you and your Personal Trainer, because we should evaluate if there is any medical condition or food allergy or any specific need, Must discuss all.

Important Note:

1. Always Start you day with 2 glass of normal water, and keep 30 to 45 minute gab between early morning water and meal 1.
2. Always Drink 3-4 liter water a day and done drink straight after your meal, try to wait minimum 45 minutes but you can have sip of water between meals and after meals.
3. Always eat Every 3 hours and eat as much your tummy allows you, never overeat.
4. Also drink green tea 1-2 times in a day.
5. Add Mixed Seed 20-50 gram with this Diet With any meal in a day
6. Herbs and spices you may use In Green Salad Or Cooking : Onion, Garlic, Rock salt, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, dill, parsley leaves, chili flakes, paprika, cayenne pepper, coriander, cumin, basil, rosemary, oregano.
7. Choose Your Own Workout time But Workout According Your Workout Plan
Always Workout After 1 hour Of Your Meal It means as u your workout at 6 am you have to wake up at 4:30 am and start your meals..
And straight after within 20 Minute Take You’re After Workout (Optional) Protein Shake

This article for information purpose only. It is written by Experienced Personal trainer & Nutritionist. Please consult with me or your physician before you follow this or any diet or training program from this website.

Food ItemQuantityFat(gms)Carbs(gms)Protein(gms)Fiber(gms)Calories
BreakfastWheat Milk Porridge250 ml2.920.63.43.6122
Flaxseed1 tsp1.
Sesame Seeds1 tbsp3.
SnackWhole Wheat and bran Roti21.232.86.410.2145
Paneer100 gm20.81.218.30265
Green Mixed Salad200 gm583.43.390
Curd100 gm433.1060
LunchWhite Chana, Boiled100 gm2.627.48.97.6164
Sprouts100 gm0.25.931.830
Coconut Oil1 tbsp13000122
Mixed Fruits250 gm0.825.31.76.4109
Fenugreek Seeds1 tbsp0.
SnackWholegrain Bread2 slice229.69.95.5186
Rongi, Boiled100 gm0.420.79.21.9123
Lassi250 ml7.424.15.80183
Green Mixed Salad200 gm583.43.390
DinnerBoiled Beans150 gm0.411.82.84.852

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