What is Sprouting?

Sprouting is the natural germination process by which seeds or spores put out shoots, plants produce new leaves or buds, or other newly developing parts experience further growth. In the field of nutrition, the term signifies the practice of germinating seeds, to be eaten raw or cooked.

Could We all Eat it?

Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and persons with weakened immune systems should avoid eating raw of any kind (including alfalfa, clover, radish, and mung bean ). Cook sprouts thoroughly to reduce the risk of illness. … Request that raw not be added to your food.

Why Should We Eat it?

Despite being low in calories, they are a rich source of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. … However, generally speaking, the sprouting process increases nutrient levels, making sprouts richer in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and vitamins C and K.

Could We Eat it Daily?

If you do not have a specific health challenge that you would like to address, you can make your diet 50% sprouts, 35% vegetables, and up to 15% fruit (as an option.) If you eat this way the average person will need about four cups of it per day.

How to make At Home?

Making your own sprouts requires very little special equipment, no soil and no sunlight. The process takes only a few days, which greatly increases vitamin and mineral availability. An example: soybeans produces a 500 to 600 percent increase in vitamin C content, and a 300 percent increase in vitamin A content. The riboflavin and niacin content — both B vitamins — also increases by about 370 and 200 percent, respectively.

Best Top Sprouts Seeds:

1. Mung Bean

mung beans sprout

2. Black Gram(Black Chana)

black gram sprouts

3. Mustard

mustard sprouts

4. Wheat

wheat sprouts

5. Fenugreek

fenugreek sprouts

6. Broccoli

broccoli sprouts

7. Red Clover

red clover sprouts

8. Chickpeas

white chickpeas sprouts

9. Soybean

soybean sprouts

10.Green Lentil

green lentil sprouts

11. Radish

radish sprouts

12. Alfafa Green Sprouts

alfafa sprouts

13. Sunflower Sprouts

sunflower sprouts

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