why we need protein to build muscles

There are so many myths about When We think about Proteins. We all know Better protein plays an important role in muscle building. But some of us people think taking protein also will increase their stamina and power. But still, We Scare before increasing protein intake in your body on a daily basis. So here one question arise what protein does in our body? Do we need Really need protein?

Why is everyone in the gym these days talking about protein? How much protein should be eating in a day for weight loss or muscle building? I know guys there are so many questions like this so I will give my best to give Your answer with my experience. So here is some good point about protein:

Protein is made up from Amino Acids and these amino acids are building block of protein and these amino acids which are 20 in total and 8 are Essential, our body does not make them they should come from food and other 12 are non essential made my body as per need. Building blocks of protein are amino acids. Yes, you have heard it right, Building blocks of protein are amino acids. They are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and in the some cases sulphur. Every cell and tissue in our body made up by protein and in average humans made up of 20% protein. Yes Guys it is right. It helps in growth, formation and repair of tissue and it is also an energy source. Protein also helps the body maintain fluid balance in tissue and transporting nutrients in and out of cells transporting oxygen and regulating blood clotting.

Dietary protein is consumed and broken down into single amino acids. A protein in the human body made up of hundreds of amino acids. The recommended average protein daily intake for the active person in 1g per kg body weight but it could be different if u are a very hard trainee and how long u train. Protein is also used in the formation of nearly all the enzymes used in the body. We get different amount of protein from different food top   source of protein are: meat, eggs, fish, cheese, beans, pulses, dairy, peas, lentil, nuts, and cereals.

After eating protein it is broken down by digestion into amino acids. which then absorbed and used to make other proteins in the body. An endurance athlete needs approximately 1.2-1.4 grams of protein per kilo of body weight in a day. A strength athlete requires around 1.4-1.8 protein per kilo of body weight in a day. How many meals we take in a day should include any source of protein as well as I told you above protein does not store in our body. But sometimes very excessive protein could lead to some health issue as well so it is very advisable before changing your diet consult with right person about it.

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